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MICHAEL HUEY is an award-nominated composer active in the film industry in both Chicago and Los Angeles. In the Chicago theater world he has had the pleasure to work with such companies as: Steppenwolf Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Red Tape, The Strange Tree Group, Sideshow Theatre Company, American Theatre Company, Lookingglass, Barrel of Monkeys, and Adventure Stage Chicago.  

He has been recognized by the Jeff Awards with a nomination for his music to The Strange Tree Group’s production of The Spirit Play. Michael is also an Artistic Associate with the Strange Tree Group.  Currently, he is composing the score to the brand-new Lance Henriksen thriller Nevermore.  

For music samples, click here.

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Nevermore (2014): Starring Lance Henriksen.  dir. Dean Jones

Coffin Baby (2013):  Starring Bruce Dern.  dir. Dean Jones


THEATRE (original music and sound design)

Spark! : (Adventure Stage Chicago)

The Dead Prince: (Strange Tree)

9 Circles: (Sideshow)

The Half-Brothers Mendelssohn: (Strange Tree)

The Burden of Not Having a Tail: (Sideshow)

Funeral Wedding: (Strange Tree) 

Freshly Fallen Snow: (Chicago Dramatists) 

Idomeneus: (Sideshow) 

The Gacy Play: (Sideshow) 

Goodbye, Cruel World: (Strange Tree) 

Sketchbook 12: (Collaboraction)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: (Chicago Shakes)assistant design

The Giver: (Adventure Stage) 

The Spirit Play: (Strange Tree) *Jeff Nomination Original Music*

The Amish Project: (American Theatre Co) assistant sound design

Tragedy: (Red Tape)

The Hot L Baltimore: (Steppenwolf) dir. Tina Landau. assistant design

Samuel J & K: (Steppenwolf)  assistant design

The Three Faces of Doctor Crippen:  (Strange Tree)

columbinus: (Truman State University) 

s.o.s. (Kansas City Fringe Festival)



Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?:  (Steppenwolf) dir. Pam McKinnon  (***winner of 3 Tony Awards!***)

Detroit: (Steppenwolf) dir. Austin Pendleton

Hot L Baltimore: (Steppenwolf) dir. Tina Landau

Middletown: (Steppenwolf) dir. Les Waters